Alena Jerra Blues


Alena, whose stage name is Jerra Blues is a multi-talented person. She is a singer, songwriter, model and, as I saw on my own - gifted artist. 

Bogdanaya: Jerra, do you love yourself?

Jerra: Is it general or kind of female type of question?

Bogdanaya: I guess it doesn't really matter. You are human and you are a female.

Jerra: (laughs) Soo...Do I love myself? Yes, I do. I think I'm very critical to myself as probably everybody is. But I'm like a coach. I make myself do things, I punish myself for not doing them or not doing them good enough. 

But only when I loose myself in something, when I don't care and nothing destructs me, the outcome comes out the best. And this is when I feel entirely proud of myself regardless of the effect it does on everyone else. I sort of feel proud and accomplished. This is when I love myself the most.