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Sustainable and HOT. January Fashion list.

Sustainable brands that don’t care for style, don’t really care about the environment either. Sounds like something an asshole would say, but let me explain myself. And then you’re free to think whatever you like.

Following this idea religiously, I try to deliver you my best finds. Luckily, there are enough companies who are really challenging the industry and manage to be extremely stylish, despite their green policies.

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In The Name Of The Coming Year

I know this year was considered a sucker. Ghm. Wait a second. Wasn’t 2016 a sucker? Or are all the years to come about to become one?

That’s why I wanted to start with the Earth spin, I guess. Just to remind, that the year is just a piece of time in space. We, people, tend to call it names because we were unhappy at some point or another. But I refuse to sign up to this idea.

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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide To Inspire

This guide besides being an eye-pleaser is also a soul-cheering boy. All the brands you will discover here are ethical, sustainable, and/or eco-friendly.

You will also find some unusual gifts, for those, who're more into experiences. These are from me and my creative friends, like a personal photo session with me, a portrait by fashion illustrator or a makeup for one of your special occasions.

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The Guide to a Good Style

Hey, girl. You want to look good. I get it. The world spins around so fast, and every day you are told new ways to be that IT girl.  Let me share one of my favorites with you - sustainable fashion. In my opinion, great style should mean a combination of the look with the positive impact on the planet.

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Camila Falquez. My Virtual Girlfriend Vol.3

Her name might not tell you a lot about who she is, and certainly, she is not followed by millions of eyes throughout social media outlets. Her work is not a mass-market. As for her persona - it's somewhat a mystery.

Camila's work speaks for itself. Elaborate composing, sensual poses and magnetic look of her images make you wonder whether it's a painting or a photograph.

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How Gaining Weight Changed My Perception Of Body Image

Worrying about our presence is not something that naturally occurs to us. It is a man-made product of our society and we are obedient consumers who are taught to eat this shit in order to be likable. It takes a lot of work to go against your old habits, against media and your surroundings, start loving your body the way it is, not compete with anyone, even with your previous self, see beauty in someone but not lessen your own.

Living in the skinniest body possible and coming back to my normal shape taught me that I have to build my own happiness for myself.

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This Is What Happens When You Cut Your Hair Short

Recently, Cara Delevingne expressed how exhausted she is from people who tell her how beauty should look like.

I know that first hand, because I certainly did cut my hair short.

You will never believe how many people think it's their duty to teach you how to leave your life and what they comments were.

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