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3 Ways To Get Inspired Without Going On Vacation

Hawaii vacation

As I type this, I'm actually coming back from an amazing vacation I couldn't have dreamed of. My husband and I just went to Honolulu, Hawaii for our belated honeymoon. We spent ten fantastic days exploring the island, driving to a new beach every day, admiring exotic nature and eating fine foods. Spending our days as careless as only kids do, forgetting about time and just enjoying the company of each other and green lizards coming to visit us at our Airbnb.

They say travel is the best aid for a creative block; it helps you to unwind and catch a new wave of inspiration. If that's true, I probably have to shoot the words out of me. But, somehow, all I feel now is "OMG who are we just small little human beings who mean so little in this universe therefore who needs my work anyway can I just come back to that island and my beloved local pineapples?" I'm absolutely unable to do anything, paralyzed by the euphoria of our travel experience.

A deadline for my newsletter, however, suggests I better write something, and here comes my first bulletproof source of inspiration:

1. Life, actually. While I have dozens of topics I'd like to talk to you about, I find it really hard to focus on these topics due to my creative inactivity. Searching for the kick to write, the idea about finding that inspiration was born. How meta.

2. Starting somewhere. Before this one, about 5 other headlines were sketched in my notes and erased. I spent about 20 minutes staring through the window in front of an opened blank sheet in hopes for the words to flow onto the page while I'm staring through that damn window. No luck has followed me until I started writing them myself. That's where the idea came along.

3. Envy others. Despite that good karma expects you to not envy anyone, I find it very well refreshing to get out of my own ego and look at what others do. From artists to politicians, who bring their vision to the table and change the world, those are the biggest inspirations and a magic butt-kick for anyone in doubt. They're not wasting their time looking for a muse, they become one.

Inspiration is a tricky thing. It's one of the most romanticized expressions of how we need to feel in order to create something, but is it really a necessary tool? This theory seems somewhat limiting to me. As if I didn't have a right to do what I want just because nature has divided creative capacities unevenly.

What do you think of inspiration? How important it is for you to get the work done? Leave a comment below or email me. I read all of your replies.