Fashion Photographer in New York City


Camila Falquez. My Virtual Girlfriend Vol.3

camila falquez photography

Her name might not tell you a lot about who she is, and certainly, she is not followed by millions of eyes throughout social media outlets. Her work is not mass market. As for her persona - it's somewhat a mystery.

Camila Falquez is a photographer living in two cities: New York and Barcelona.

Camila's work speaks for itself. Elaborate composing, sensual poses and the magnetic look of her images make you wonder whether it's a painting or a photograph. It's powerful and moving, every image tells a story. In a nutshell, it's a visual poem.

Her unique vision was picked up by clients such as Harpers Bazaar, MANGO, Hermés and Garance Dore, who was introduced to you in one of the previous Virtual Girlfriend's dossiers.

From now on, I will leave you two alone. Please enjoy getting to know Camila.

Images are courtesy of Camila Falquez.

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