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Genevieve Barker

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I met Genevieve last fall on a model test assignment. And, right then, I developed a kind of 'an artist and a muse' attachment to her. 

She came to the shoot with a bare face, and I photographed her completely as she was. Luckily, Genevieve was supportive of my vision, it doesn't happen too often. She seems to be completely at peace with herself.

Of course, I had to interview Genevieve, because images can only say that much. Hope you enjoy this conversation!

Bogdana Ferguson: In a few sentences, present yourself. Where were you born and raised? Where do you live now? What do you do? And how people can find you (social links, website)?

Genevieve Barker: I am born and raised in Australia. Lived in France, London and now New York. I love nature and the urban jungle equally :)

Genevieve model what she thinks interview

BF: What do you like about your job?

GB: I like working as a team to create beautiful images, the collaborative creativity. I like not being physically bound to a space like an office. The physical and financial autonomy.

BF: Are there any obstacles you experience often in your work? What are they?  

GB: Each client is different and has different expectations on how models should behave, the boundaries are quite blurred. Some clients want you to come in and do your job and be a mute vessel, be seen and not heard. Others want tonnes of personality. Some photographers expect you to flirt and be rapturous that they are working with you... It’s difficult to meet the expectations- and most importantly, meet your own expectations of professionalism.

BF: How do you overcome these obstacles to keep a balance?

GB: Essentially the cliché which is being true to yourself- know yourself, what you are comfortable with and know how to express delicately and cordially when you are not. Also, have agents that you trust and have your back, they can be extra voices when you feel you are not heard.

BF: If you could have an alternative career, think anything that already exists or completely fictional, what would it be?

Genevieve model what she thinks interview

GB: I love the craft of acting, but I feel overwhelmed with the industry itself certainly at the moment. Perhaps I don't have the mettle or what it takes. I am a creative at my core. At the risk of being esoteric; I love writing, reading, fashion, skincare, and film. If I could create a product or story people love and implement into their lives I would be incredibly fulfilled.

BF: When do you feel you’re yourself the most?

GB: Easy. When I’m being playful. I don’t like to be an adult all the time :)

BF: Same questions but from the style perspective. What clothes make you feel your best?

GB: Something I’ve put together in my mind and on the body it just works. I think of individual pieces in my wardrobe and a new combination can feel like a new fresh look you've created. That, or amazing underwear! ;)

BF: How would you define a place of relationships in your life and career? As a modern woman, what do you think is happening in a relationships’ world right now?

GB: Its a fascinating space to navigate right now- I think this is a real pivotal point in terms of equality in the workspace in terms of equal pay and a no tolerance to sexual harassment - this trickles down to relationships and is the catalyst for a cultural shift. Exciting times!

BF: And finally, who would you invite to your dream soiree? (Think of anyone dead or alive)

GB: Dinner and dancing with David Bowie. Enough said!



Interview text and editing, photography, styling: Bogdana Ferguson

Model: Genevieve @ Wilhelmina Models

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