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In The Name Of The Coming Year

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- Summary -

It’a magical time. The Earth is about to make its last spin in 2017, and soon we’re going to wake up into a new year.

I know this year was considered a sucker. Ghm. Wait a second. Wasn’t 2016 a sucker? Or are all the years to come about to become one?

That’s why I wanted to start with the Earth spin, I guess. Just to remind, that the year is just a piece of time in space. We, people, tend to call it names because we were unhappy at some point or another. But I refuse to sign up to this idea.

- Reflection -

Yes, a lot of unpleasant things happen, depending on what country you live in and what side of a political spectrum you’re on, you can say it was a win, or, that it was a complete disaster. And, trust me, there was a lot of evenings when I cried in the shoulder of my husband. But there also was a lot of laughs, cozy dinners with friends, funny videos with baby goats, travels, unbelievable sunsets, cuddles and perfectly ripe avocados.

Life is a beautiful thing, with a lot of scary moments too, but that’s what history is made of.

The time goes on, and so we are.

- Resolutions -

I never make resolutions, it’s somewhat a novelty for me. But I make wishes. My biggest wish this year, just as the last one and the year before that, is to finally see my family, to give everyone of them a large fat hug, to cry and laugh, to drink tea and make pierogies together.

Everything else I will plan, work towards, get through or get over. And, I’m sure, this coming year won’t suck, even if it will. Because that’s the beauty of that thing that is time.

- Cheers -

All I want to wish you this Holiday Season is to love and to be loved. That simple. It doesn’t have to be tied to one idea of love which is romantic. Decide for yourself what it means to you.

I believe that it lays a foundation for what is human about us. It lets us see beyond ourselves. I won't say “love everybody”, I guess this kind of enlightenment is something that I can’t concur myself. But, thankfully, I know what love on a local level means. I hope you have your own definition of love that fulfills you the most.


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