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Winter Skin Glow

my winter skincare regimen

My skin is a pretty loyal lady. Ever since the teenage crisis was successfully over, I can’t really complain. However, it still has its good and bad days.

Once winter months come, my skin becomes more demanding. It's getting so dry, yet it keeps its combination skin type properties. It's when your face appears dry but it's actually oily in some places. How does it happen, I just can't understand. As one cosmetologist told me, "It’s a dehydration, not dryness". So, in this case, you have a dehydrated skin, not dry.

Good, led's deal with it.

This winter, however, I see a noticeable difference. Dryness doesn't bother me so much, the skin is clear from breakups, and it has a healthy rosy blush and glow.

Here's what I did to get that winter healthy skin:

  1. Going Makeup-Free. I don’t know how it came along, but for a few months already I’ve been makeup free. It’s a novelty for me. Since 14 I was very much into makeup. First, it was panda eyes. Then, I’ve discovered the power of the foundation, mushing it graciously onto my face. And then followed a brow pencil. Oh, brows, how much I wish you were thicker. I’ve used makeup on a daily basis searching for better, more suitable products all along. Recently though, I was just unable to put anything on. I decided not to take this time as an experiment and look what happens. I even stopped using a brow pencil(ladies, it's serious). To be honest with you, I couldn’t believe I was doing that, going to social events and work without a trait of makeup whatsoever. I know a lot of girls who would say ‘du-uh, I woke up like this’. So, as for now, I’m loving my bare skin. And, can see the difference in the way my skin looks.

  2. Using non-toxic skincare. I’ve researched the underwaters of the skincare industry and it’s ain’t pretty, I'll tell you that. Unfortunately, way too often the price is not a sign of the quality. You can buy a cream from a luxury brand thinking that the quality of it suppose to live up to their name. It’s not always true. Do your research and check what ingredients they use in their product. Or, if you, like me, hate these complicated nouns made up by chemistry-insiders, you can turn to and check their database. They are very transparent about the process of evaluating products, making it easy for you to choose the best. I experimented with a few brands and, I think, I found my favorite. 

  3. Other contributors.

  • Healthy eating - I follow a plant-based diet and avoid sugar, as well as all artificial and ‘natural’ flavors as much as possible. I usually cook myself and always try to pick the best ingredients. However I like to eat out with my husband and friends, so I can’t always control how organic/clean/healthy ingredients are. And I drink alcohol, sometimes. Balance is a key for me, however. If I drink coffee and alcohol, I make sure to drink enormous amounts of water, which makes me wanna pee way too often, but it hydrates my body too.

  • Birth control. I had a very irregular period my whole life, but lately it went beyond bad. I didn’t have it for 2 years. As it turns out, having a convenience of not bleeding every month can actually become a huge inconvenience for your health.  The pill is known for clearing up the skin through regulating the hormones. 

Every single factor is important and can't be overlooked. There’s no one right answer to healthy skincare regimen, but just as with anything else, common sense is always a winner. In my case, non-toxic skincare, a break from makeup and a balanced diet are the things that make my skin glow this winter.

Let me know what's your skincare routine this winter. Comment below, I always love hearing from you.

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