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3 Resources to Print Your Photos for Aesthetic Junkies

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

How often do you print your photographs?

From my point of view as a photographer and consumer, it's essential to have a physical object you can touch and feel. When I first got my 8x10 inch prints from my wedding shoot, I was mesmerized. It's something I can show my friends without taking my phone out, it's something I can put on my wall and glance every day, it's something that gives me smile.

But to be honest, the vast ocean of websites offering to print your photos is somewhat overwhelming. That's why I picked 3 places that I want to share with you in order to make your life easier!

1. MPix - great quality and prices, solid paper, proper color correction. Try to get matted prints, the thickness of the product is so satisfying!

2. Miller's Professional Imaging - the name is very self-explanatory, professional! It's a good place for photographers who provide their clients with exceptional service.

3. Artifact Uprising - this resource is definitely for very spoiled paper lovers as I am. Peeps who love Kinfolk and Cereal - it's for you! User-friendly interface, fancy packaging, matte paper, what else do you need to be happy?

Hope it was useful!