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3 Powerful Resources To Get Inspiration From for Modern Woman

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I’d love to share those sacred places with you, my friends, because I know that we all need a “big sister” that helps us thrive and keep going.

First one is my beloved @studiogarance by Garance Dore, French illustrator and the most followed fashion blogger whose sense of humor and wittiness don’t leave you another choice but love her. The most fulfilling things as for me is her podcast “Pardon my French” where she interviews successful people from the industry, shares insights and gives you a bucket of joy.

@unconditionalmagazine is another treasure which I adore in print especially. Premium quality paper, tasteful photography (ah one day I want to see my work on these pages)  and great content created for women by women. You won’t find the lists of all the new trends this season, but rather mindful and moving articles.

And another resource that I absolutely fascinated by is @allwomanproject. Guys, you should just go and watch their videos as well as the photographs. It’s a pure gold! They represent women of all ages, all shapes, all colors, literally. I’ve never seen such a beautiful and diverse mix, and you know what, this mix is us.

I hope it drives you crazy, just as it does myself, and inspires to create and looove!