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Sustainable Fashion List. Holiday Issue.

It's the time of Frank Sinatra at your local Starbucks, peppermint lattes, chunky sweaters and a quest of how to celebrate winter holidays this year. And, more importantly, what to wear?

Let the 5th Ave and Macy's hold still this year. I'm sure we can find something more unique for you. Something that will make everyone turn their heads in a silent awe. A few brands from my list could give you the clues to your next festival ensemble. Also, I prepared a few outfit ideas below, I hope they inspire you to try something new this year.

Sustainable Fashion List. Holiday Issue.

1. Lisa Says Gah

Just as extravagant as the name, this brand is embracing the art behind fashion. It always has been a Dream Machine, and LSG is a bright example of it. There you can find designers who are creating ethical pieces while not compromising the style.


2. Garmentory

A place where you can find an almost indefinite number of cool brands who are also responsible. In my experience, that doesn't happen much yet. Garmentory presents thousands of indie boutiques, a lot of them are based in New York and Brooklyn, which is sweet. And so, as you can imagine, on a platform this big, you can find something that fits your unique style.


3. Na Nin

Known for their men's cut shirts tied on the front and cruise trousers, this shop is a gift for every vintage lover. Selling their clothes right on the Instagram, they transform shopping into a luck game.

Also, don't let sunny photos disorient you. While Na Nin is based in California it doesn't mean you can't find pieces that will work even on New York's 30F Christmas night. Use your creativity. For an extra boost of inspiration scroll down for ideas.

@naninstudio, @naninvintage

Alternative Holiday Outfits Ideas:

1. Début

Let it be a debut of your dance performance on the table at the party. Preferably, with a friend. I don't know how festive your party dresses usually get, but I think this dress on the left is pretty festive. Although I would prefer to be the one in a glitter suit.

2. Appealing yet simple

This total black outfit is a defiance to all of the celebration dress codes. Wear a trench like a dress with black see-through stockings and black ankle boots. You'll be the most well-dressed and mysterious guest at the party.

3. Lady Bird

Why not play with the typical summer styles and bring a drop of heat to your party look? Sleek hair, large statement earrings, flamenco shirt and simple black bottoms. I would wear a high-waisted over a knee pleated skirt or flared pants. This one is my favorite so far.

By the way, the name for this look was inspired by my favorite bar in New York called Lady Bird. But more so, it was inspired by an amazing lady who's working there. She has something very charismatic about her, she could be a Frida Kahlo's best friend in the past life. Or maybe Frida herself.

Let me know what would be ONE outfit you would NEVER wear for a winter holiday celebration. Comment below.

Mine - Sleeveless dress, tight one that shows off every snack you ate that night, with colorful glitter all over it. The reason - because I wore it when I was 15. It was bad.

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