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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide To Inspire

This guide besides being an eye-pleaser is also a soul-cheering boy. All the brands you will discover here are ethical, sustainable, and/or eco-friendly.

You will also find some unusual gifts, for those, who're more into experiences. These are from me and my creative friends, like a personal photo session with me, a portrait by fashion illustrator or a makeup for one of your special occasions.

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Camila Falquez. My Virtual Girlfriend Vol.3

Her name might not tell you a lot about who she is, and certainly, she is not followed by millions of eyes throughout social media outlets. Her work is not a mass-market. As for her persona - it's somewhat a mystery.

Camila's work speaks for itself. Elaborate composing, sensual poses and magnetic look of her images make you wonder whether it's a painting or a photograph.

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