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The Guide to a Good Style


Hey, girl. You want to look good. I get it. The world spins around so fast, and every day you are told new ways to be that IT girl. 

Let me share one of my favorites with you - sustainable fashion.

No, it’s not some t-shirt with a cow face and Comic Sans saying “Save The Planet”. It’s not Hindi-style yoga pants or a potato sack linen dress either.

What if I told that there is a cooler way to look good than after a quick Zara run.

My own exploration of smart fashion started after watching the movie True Cost. It was an eye-opening experience which made my heart ache from the reality in which fashion is produced. I highly recommend you watch this documentary. They interview industry people such as Stella McCartney, who is famous for her Fur Free Fur line. The documentary also shows the real conditions in which people create your clothes.

The feeling after the credits roll is somewhat paralyzing: what do I do now, where can I shop for ethical closing, do those stores even exist at all?

What was really surprising for me later is that I actually felt like something heavy was lifted from my shoulders. It got so easy to walk past H&M and Zara without a thought of peaking in. Unlike before, when I would get an anxious desire to just “go check it out” accompanied by huge FOMO. You know that feeling like it’s your obligation to browse the store in case you find something that you “were looking for” for a “great deal”! And then you end up with piles of clothes that you either never wear because it doesn’t fit in, or the quality is so poor that you’re ready to throw it away after the first wash.

I will leave the job of talking about why your current fast-fashion closet sucks to the movie and countless articles and books. Instead, I’d like to be a good friend and help you to not sacrifice your style for sustainability, which is a key in transforming your closet.

I won’t say it’s easy. It can be very challenging at first, because if you just google “sustainable brands” you will most likely find something that even grandma would hesitate to wear. In my opinion, sustainability without style isn't going to save the planet. It goes without saying, that the reason why people chose fast fashion is that it lets them get current trends and great looks, here and now.

There are ways to shop sustainably and look cooler than when shopping regular fashion.

It will take time, the key here is to not rush this process. Here are some tips to help you make a leap:

  • Capsule wardrobe. No need to throw away all your previous clothes. Just take a look at what you have, define what you wear all the time and what clothes fit under the description: impulse buys. Make a list of the staple garments that you have and which ones you need to update.

  • Donate. Collect all the clothes you’re unhappy with and donate it to organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill, Dress For Success or any other in your region. You’ll clean up your closet while also giving someone else a chance to give those garments a second life.

  • Vintage shopping. Or thrifting, in other words. Thrifting is not for suckers, in fact, there are plenty of celebrities and acclaimed fashionistas who love shopping second-hand. You can find some pretty special pieces that will define you from the crowd. On that note, to make it really effective, make sure you only buy things you actually will wear many times, that will fit in with your style and aesthetic.

  • Surf the internet. At this point, I have a list of bookmarks containing dozens of sustainable brands from all around the world. While I’m still in the process of discovering them, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites with you. However, these are a few resources I’d love to share with you:

  • Project Just - a non-profit organization that investigates brands’ production practices. Follow their Instagram to get more of the brands that are verified sustainable.

  • - a blog that has a big selection of articles on the current topic.

  • Lissome - my newest find. It’s a whole directory of sustainable brands organized in alphabetical order.

Please hit comment below and let me know the state of your closet, how sustainable it is? I’m eager to help you in this transition and would love to provide more helpful articles.

Please stay tuned for my list of sustainable brands that will keep you warm and chic.

Au revoir!


On the photo at the top: The Reformation (sustainable brand) + Net-a-Porter collaboration. The photo is a courtesy of The Reformation and Net-a-Porter.

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